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The IT Operations department needs a tool that can exploit the full potential of all the data generated within the company - from employees' daily operations to the massive amounts of data generated by IoT devices - to provide helpful information in real-time by analyzing. Unleash the hidden power of data with Carbynetech's specially tailored solution for all industry verticals. With ML-powered insights, the organization can quantify the impact on business and do a detailed RCA profiling. Carbynetech is the official Splunk reseller and the only Splunk IoT Solutions integrator in India.

Splunk Security

Using Splunk's advanced Cybersecurity tools, we enable corporate security teams to easily navigate data from any area of the organization. With Splunk, you gain an overview that updates in real-time, representing an increase in cybersecurity by identifying threats before they cause harm.

Splunk for IoT

Real-Time and Predictive Analysis Eliminate technology and data silos by integrating data across industrial data sources, sensors and applications. Generate personalized notifications, diagnose alarms and anomalies in real-time, and accelerate issue response without affecting production.

Splunk for IT

Real-time monitoring of the infrastructure Splunk offers a 360-degree view of the entire company, the ability to manage unstructured or semi-structured data. With the ability to leverage machine learning algorithms, the company reduces response times in solving issues & acts preventively by providing evaluations to limit likelihood of a company outage occurring.


Secure your data and optimize communication flows with Spunk solutions.

We bring the power of data to each part of your enterprise.

Splunk Analytics

Our Business Analytics capability in Splunk provides all the information needed for Management to make better decisions, analyze any inefficiencies in workflows, and optimize the resources available in the company. Having a comprehensive overview allows identifying any operational problems and resolving them.

Splunk DevOps

Efficient business transactions for DevOps to work smoothly, IT Operations, QA, & development need to work closely together. To optimize flows, a model that allows developers to access all resources from a single dashboard is essential. In addition, Splunk eliminates silos & facilitates new software within organizations with specific timelines.


Secure your data and optimize communication flows with Spunk solutions.

We bring the power of data to each part of our enterprise.

Case Studies


One of the largest FMCG company wanted to implement a customized solution for Substance Volume Tracking as one of the important use-cases to track the Substance Volumes for various scenarios such as Purchase, Import, Produce, Sell or Export, Manufacturing and Consumption and to be compliant with REACH and other country-specific regulations. The logistics data (Purchase Order, Sales order etc), EHS data (Composition) and Registration data are managed in different systems. The input sources of the data are from Supply Chain and EHS tables of SAP and IUCLID. Logistics data from the Supply Chain system must be linked with corresponding composition data from the EHS system to get the tracked quantities for each substance.


Carbynetech conducted assessments of use-cases to quickly draw out the features, user stories and wireframes with the SVT implementation experience of similar domain companies. Our SAP EHS team in collaboration with Azure team performed feasibility analysis for implementing SVT solutions in Data Lakes. The Input data was imported to Data Lakes using Azure Data factories and the SVT relevant logics created in Data bricks to connect Logistics system, EHS system and IUCLID. The final SVT report was stored in Azure Web portal with which the users can view the real time tracked quantities of substances and the corresponding status.
The solution covered the following functions.

  • Azure Infrastructure setup
  • Import SVT relevant data from SAP to Data Lakes
  • Generate SVT Report using Azure Data bricks
  • Customized web portal to view SVT Report


One of the largest company approached us with a requirement to integrate Splunk with MuleSoft for advanced data analytics and to create dashboards for e-commerce, transactional analytics, failure analytics, and performance analytics using Splunk. Data from MuleSoft event notification data captured and indexed into a searchable repository For Data Analytics, generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations Automating the quote-to-cash process by retrieving logs from MuleSoft.


Having conducted assessment of use-cases, Carbynetech was able to design quick solutions to their business problems. Carbynetech's solutions include:

  • Transaction status tracking
  • Transaction Error Detection
  • Track Message queue and fly
  • Generate alert messages when transaction process breaks or crashes
  • Performance Tracking and Failure Analysis

By capturing and storing transactional data logs from MuleSoft into Splunk, Real-Time dashboards can be shown to provide insights such as:

  • Peak Transactional Volume
  • Peak Data arrival rate
  • Peak Ingestion rate


One of the largest mining company in India was exploring options to create a digital reporting platform. The goal of the enterprise was to replace the long run used spreadsheet-based reporting. Working with spreadsheets can be cumbersome especially when your enterprise data exceeds terabytes. With the below objective, the enterprise approached Carbynetech with the below challenges being faced.

  • Centralized reporting platform
  • Easy to customize reports as per required KPIs
  • Improved data quality
  • Integration agility and robustness


Keeping into consideration the growing data size and reporting requirements, Carbynetech business intelligence team chose Splunk as big data ingestion and reporting tool. Since the enterprise was already using Splunk as its Smart IoT platform to manage their coal washery operations; Hence with low TCO of the platform MIS reports were built on the same platform. The reports were highly customizable as per the customer needs and changing demands with intuitive UI/UX standards. The solution go-live took only 4 weeks of time. Leverage the power of true business intelligence with our ready to deploy reporting solutions.