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Gain access to valuable insights with the help of leading analytics tools.

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Unlock the true potential of your data by implementing robust analytical systems.

We help organizations identify consumer patterns and behaviours to enforce better-informed decisions.

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Leveraging top AI/ML models based on structured and unstructured data opens new pathways to intelligent analytics. Our advanced data consulting services foster enterprises to explore rich insights and drive real-time actions. We build, train, and optimise suitable models to make the most of high-quality data. With our advanced analytical solutions, the business understands what has happened (Descriptive), what will happen next (Predictive), and what should happen (Prescriptive).

Advance your business operations by integrating data-driven solutions and strategies.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is at the core of success in today's data-driven world. We help companies uncover insights hidden in their data and enhance data exploration with our team of BI specialists. Back up your decisions with verifiable data Get rid of fragmented and expensive BI technologies .

Data Driven Decision

Combine machine-assisted decision-making with AI to identify risks and opportunities. The power of decision making is when it uses statistical modelling to make future predictions using historical data, data mining techniques and machine learning solutions.

Data Management

With our industry-ready data management solutions, you can scale up quickly. We offer solutions with expertise in data management on-premises and the cloud.

Power BI

Turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, & interactive insights with Microsoft Power BI which is a collection of software services, apps, connectors that work together.

Azure Data bricks

Manage and monitor your project efficiently with Azure data bricks solutions and automate your operations with machine learning based labelling techniques.

Azure Machine Learning

Build scalable, efficient working models with Azure ML solutions and revolutionize your business processes.

Statistical Analysis

Gain actionable insights to innovate your data strategies and drive accurate data-driven decisions.


Leading technologies that drive accurate results and data-driven decisions.

We help you identify your pain points and challenges, and assist you in eliminating them with effective, real-time solutions and services.

Case Studies


In the Indian fertilizer marketplace, monitoring the sales of various nutrients and fertilizers relies on timely information gathered from external and internal data sources. This becomes a tedious task if the manufacturing company's operations are widespread across various regions throughout the country. Comprehending vast volumes of granular data, multiple spreadsheets to gain an insight into basic operating systems like top-selling products, sales trends, sales channels and inventory status delayed data-driven decisions and actions.


After clearly understanding the requirements, we suggested they use Power BI instead of the usual SSRS reports because of the strong visualization capabilities of Power BI. As a result, we have developed various dashboards such as Sales Performance, Account Receivables, Customer 360 view, Profitability, Finance dashboards viz Balance sheet, Income Statement, and Inventory Dashboards to make their decision-making process easy.


Micro stoppages are the unplanned down times which last for very less time (one or two minutes).Even though they last for very less time, the significant cost associated with the micro stoppages may be very high some times. The total down time of micro-stoppages may be greater than the total down time of larger unplanned downtime events. The management would like to have an azure cloud solution which automatically identifies the assets which have high number of micro-stoppages and also wants to know the high frequency down time reason code. Each down-time event should have down time reason code.


Once the problem statement is clearly understood. Engineers at our company prepared an application that uses SAP ERP for input. The database is queried for hourly event data as well as reason code and duration. This data is then analyzed in depth. Using our application, management can finally identify assets with large number of micro stoppages. SQL server stores the results from which PBI reports are generated. This analysis allows the management to take prompt decisions, thereby reducing the number of micro-stoppages. This, in turn, reduces manufacturing costs.


One of the largest manufacturing companies wants to develop a cloud-based application to monitor labour cost leakage for each asset in their factories. Also, the company would like to know which assets are experiencing the highest labour cost leakage in order to take some crucial decisions.


We have provided Azure cloud solution for the above use case. Based on SAP ERP data, analysis such as labour cost per hour, parts produced than the paid costs, earned costs, and labour cost leakage are calculated. From there, the results are exported to Power BI for generation of reports. Thus, management is able to identify the problematic assets in terms of high labour costs. The leakage trend can be understood for the selected time period (past one week). It is also possible to analyze leakage at the asset or plant levels.