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In today’s fast-paced and Complex-natured Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) / ICT-enabled projects, there is an immense need for customizable and cost-effective solutions.

Consultations in Microsoft’s Azure Services offered by Carbynetech leverage the Azure product/service suite based on the customer needs to achieve the business objectives in industry standards-compliant manner. In the areas such as Trade Promotion Optimization, Production Scheduling , Object Detection, Application Development among others, our team have proven and seasoned experience to deliver quality services or products.

Our advanced consulting services enable the enterprises to meet their objectives using a blend of Apps, Services and Integration of custom applications with the services offered in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Leverage expert solutions in aspects of product development and support.

We assist organizations in overcoming their business obstacles with intelligent, reliable solutions and services.

Object Detection in PID Diagrams

With a plethora of object detection models available ranging from Detectron2 to YOLO, we have developed a model that could learn with minimal data. The data science team at Carbynetech developed a custom Faster R-CNN model that competes directly with Template Matching in terms of mAP and inference time. This model incorporated the slicing technique and yielded an average mAP of 94%, exceeding client requirements. The problem of limited data is eliminated by integrating Generative Adversarial Networks into the model. The model is capable enough to learn patterns from P&ID symbols just by using 5 training images.

Application Development

Developing unique web applications tailored to your specific business needs is part of custom web application development. With Carbynetech, you can order web apps, websites, and web portals that perfectly represent your business processes.

By leveraging the expert solutions, our web app developers develop the following:
Creating solutions that are device-agnostic: Our HTML5/JavaScript solutions offer a functional, convenient, and visually compelling experience that is always the same across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
Reworking outdated apps: To align with the changing needs of end-users and current technologies, we modernize or completely redesign unfriendly and old-fashioned web interfaces.

Production scheduling

The production schedule is an essential planner, forecaster, predictor, and demand document meeter. This keeps your operations on schedule and under budget, which eventually helps you to meet your customer’s expectations.

Plan: Predict demand and match labour, materials, and equipment capacity
Managing schedules: Allocating workers and defining contingency plans to deal with unexpected delays
Stockout prevention: Preventing shortages even if materials are delayed, or swells in orders increase demand
Enhanced efficiency:Identifying bottlenecks and looking for ways to improve. As a result, lead times are shortened and demand flows are smoother.
Improved communication: Since every element of the production is listed in one document, communication is standard across the entire company

Trade Promotion Optimization

To improve Return on Investment (RoI), solutions that can scale and simultaneously meet business objectives are a must, and the Trade Promotion Optimization service of Azure helps customers in studying and analyzing spending on promoted trade, promoted timing, promoted brands among others.

Key features among others include:
Integration of multiple data sources.
ML-based models to measure tangible parameters like:
Trade Promo Effectiveness,
Incremental volume per unit revenue Promo KPIs
Model refining and Promo KPI computation
Agile Solution Deployment: Less than 4 months