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With extensive industry domain and business analytics experience, we assist enterprises in onboarding digital IoT use-cases. To carry out an IoT project, Solution Leads must evaluate the value of use-cases, establish business collaboration, take an agile approach to solve complex issues, and be visionary in implementing industry best practices. Carbynetech has extensive experience delivering cutting-edge IoT tools that transform the digital experience.

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Value Roadmap

Our specialist advisors would visit the sites and provide workshops to help you identify the most accurate use cases to prioritise based on the value description. We also offer implementation advice.

Pilot Implementation

Pilot projects eliminate any risk, allowing you to achieve real-data and tangible benefits to your business. We offer pilot of IoT use-cases, which can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks’ realization – accurate, agile delivery.

Device Integration

Functioning with a catalog of partner products, we bring the correct specification to shortlist the devices/sensor for your needs—programmers to connect any device using advanced scripts.

Scale - Up

Once the Pilot is successful, we expand and execute your project vision. We can handle small duration sprints and a 4 to 5 weeks delivery cycle to provide you a final solution delivered by us on schedule and with high quality.

Azure IoT platform

Solve industry-specific business challenges by building intelligent environments with Azure IoT solutions that allow you to connect, monitor and automate your IoT applications.

Splunk IoT Platform

Cut costs and reduce your downtime with leading Spunk IoT solutions. Integrate your data and transform your data records into comprehensible, actionable insights with Spunk solutions.

CBT – On-Premise Suite

Achieve your end goals with CBT’s advanced digital capabilities and revolutionize your data operations with efficient, intelligent solutions.

kepware OPC Suite

Connect your modern and legacy data systems with kepware OPC products and manage your data effectively.


Carbynetech is well positioned to help you create new levels of business value with an IoT ecosystem.

Innovative IoT solutions that optimize your costs and fast tracks your operations.

Case Studies


One of the largest FMCG company would like to implement digital program and chosen cost deployment analytics as one of the important use-case to target loss reduction and decrease the conversion cost. Manufacturing Cost deployment was first proposed by Prof. Yamashina and Kubo (2002). The objective of the analytical model is to reduce manufacturing costs. It is a seven-step method to select what improvement projects to implement.
This input sources of the data is the shop-floor assets granular asset state, material waste - real-time from the automation systems or setup newly sensor/IOT Gateways to acquire the data and conduct the deep-dive analytics.


Carbynetech conducted assessment of use-case and could quickly draw out the features, user stories and wire frames with the manufacturing experience of similar domain companies. Our engineering services and technology team studied the automation level in one of the model factories and configured OPC software for data acquisition. In few production lines, leveraged the existing SCADA and PLC sources and for the waste and rejection count/flow/load sensors are installed. The IOT platform used in this use-case was Splunk IOT, but we can use Azure or AWS too.
The solution covered the below modules.

  • Asset Loss monitoring Dashboard
  • Waste Dashboard
  • Cost deployment analytics


Increasing reliability and lowering maintenance costs are key differentiators in today’s highly competitive mining environment. Understanding mine equipment criticality and failure shows where maintenance effort should be focused to mitigate risk. One of the areas of focus based on criticality is conveying systems. These conveyors are typically single points of failure and, therefore, have high criticalities. The conveying system’s multiple rotating components, length and remoteness increase the complexity of maintaining these systems.
When conveyor operations are closely monitored, it’s possible to predict mechanical failures before they occur. In fact, recent studies indicate up to 90% of machinery malfunctions are predictable. In many cases, maintenance can be performed online without any interruption in service. The largest mining company in india is looking for online condition monitoring solution for their critical assets of coal washery.


As a part of solution implementation, smart vibration sensors were commissioned on conveyor belt systems across the coal washery. When we say smart sensors, it means that these sensors are equipment with edge computing features. These sensors understand the vibration patterns and machine kinematics and intelligently push processed data to cloud servers.
Next stage of intelligent computing happens on cloud where the machine learning algorithms work on the data and identify hidden patterns in data. These intelligent algorithms continuously learn from machine behavior and predict next breakdown event. With the current machine and deep learning algorithms. From being reactive, the customer migrated themselves to a platform where they no longer need to worry about next maintenance activity and machine health analytics. It’s all intelligent now!!!